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Trace Aviation's In-House Repair Processes

King Air Landing Gear Repairs

Trace Aviation has “In-House” FAA Approved Repair Processes for King Air and Beechcraft Airliner Landing Gear components. Customers can rely upon us to repair the landing gear components from your King Air, or if time constraints are a concern, we can exchange your components, knowing that our FAA Approved Repair Processes will save you money on core repair charges.  Common repairs performed are:

  • NLG and 90 MLG Shock absorber cylinder bearings are repaired in-house using our FAA approved process specification by installing a new manganese-bronze lower bearing.
  • Approved processes are also used for the repair of worn bores or bushings when permitted.
  • When a part must be replaced we search inventory databases to find the best price on approved replacement parts.
  • All model NLG & the 90 MLG Barrel internal bearing resized to new limits
  • All model Piston ID & OD re-chrome
  • All model Axle re-chrome
  • All model socket replacement
  • 100/200/300 Upper Bearing Bore Repairs on Brace Assemblies
  • 100/200/300 Airframe Attach Bore Repair on Brace Assemblies
  • Nose and 90 MLG Upper and Lower Torque Knee Lug Repair
  • Hydraulic NLG Upper Drag Leg Hole Repair
  • 100/200/300 MLG Actuator Housing and Screw Housing Repairs
  • 100/200/300 Lower Bearing Surface Repairs on Brace Assemblies

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