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Trace Aviation's Customized Landing Gear Inspection/Overhaul Program

King Air Landing Gear Inspection and Overhaul

Trace Aviation inspection / overhaul program is designed to quick turn an operator’s own landing gear components. You can fly into KJAN for our experienced team to remove/reinstall/rig your components, or you can ship components to us. If you ship to us, all removed items should be sent for inspection such as: airframe to landing gear attach hardware, brake lines/hoses/spacers/brackets/clamps, light buckets and deice manifolds. All switches and wire harnesses (squat, down indicator, landing light) can also be sent for refurbishment. We arrange all shipping of our heavy duty boxes with custom expanding foam for return using our network of freight providers.

Trace’s in-house inspection / overhaul and repair capabilities cover every component in the King Air Model Landing Gear system to include the shock struts, drag legs, mechanical actuators, motors, gearboxes, and steering/bungee components. The Trace Aviation process meets or exceeds all mandated inspection and overhaul requirements specified as per Beechcraft King Air and Component Maintenance Manuals latest revisions.

If repairs are required such as piston rechrome, electrodeposition resizing of barrel bearings, oversized bushings, socket replacement, or axle rechrome, Trace Aviation can accomplish these repairs, and others if time allows. Or we can exchange it with a repaired part from our extensive inventory, billing you only the repair charges that other shops could take up to 4 weeks to complete. Drawing from our inventory allows us to stay on your schedule without incurring budget overruns associated with rush charges or resorting to purchasing new parts.

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Each component inspection/overhaul process includes the following:


    • Incoming / hidden damage inspection
    • Disassembly, cleaning, plastic media stripping of all coatings
    • In-process NDT inspections. Visual, Dye Penetrant & Magnaflux
    • Visual and Dimensional measurement for damage and wear
    • Repair or replacement of unserviceable parts
    • Reassembly and testing
    • Refinish with epoxy polyalamide primer and ALUMI-GRIP polyurethane topcoat
    • Final assembly, final test, final inspection
    • Prepare for shipment or preparation for installation at our facility

Included in all standard overhauls:

      • FAA form 8130
      • Serial number specific landing gear to airframe attach hardware.
      • Brake clamps, lines, light brackets (and buckets), de-ice manifolds.



Send in your landing gear wiring harnesses (squat, down indicator, landing light). We will inspect them, repair or replace as necessary charging only Time and Materials. The overhaul cost covers installation to component and rigging.

Do you require brakes, wheels, tires? We will inspect/overhaul/replace them at your request for additional charges.

Trace can supply a completed ship set of Landing Gear components for a true “plug & play” installation!


"We have used Trace Aviation for years. The quality of their work is second to none and their customer service after the fact is excellent!" Kent Sibille, DOM, Executive Air Charter Services