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King Air Landing Gear Exchange

King Air Landing Gear Exchange Program

Minimize your downtime:

The Trace Aviation exchange program is designed so King Air operators can maximize their aircraft usage by minimizing their downtime. We can ship a set of landing gear components to you, or you can fly into KJAN where we will install a complete ship set specific to your individual aircraft serial number and configuration. Trace Aviation King Air landing gear always includes all components required to complete the 6 year / 72 month “Special Inspection” requirements as per Chapter 5 of the Beechcraft King Air Maintenance Manuals and Chapter 32 of the Component Maintenance Manuals. (NLG & MLG Shock Struts, NLG & MLG Drag Braces, NLG & MLG Mechanical Actuators, Retraction Gearbox and Motor and all Airframe to Landing Gear attach hardware). To eliminate excessive down time, our ship sets are tailored and customized for the individual aircraft and installing agency. We ensure your exchange components are built to the exact existing gear configuration unless upgrades are requested. Configurations can include Aluminum or Magnesium NLG Upper Brace, Round Welded or Square Forged Nose Fork, Steel or Aluminum 90 MLG Upper Torque Knees, Standard or Floatation 200 MLG, Raisbeck MLG Doors, De-Ice Manifolds, Wiring harnesses, Light buckets and Wheels and Brakes. Individual component part numbers are used based on the Beechcraft IPC as appropriate to your serial number. Assembly numbers are not used.

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Exchange Details & Options


standard on all orders

  • All landing gear-to-airframe attach bolts and pins. Also included are washers, shims, greases, and cotter pins needed for landing gear installation.
  • Updated or Original serial number specific configurations
  • Landing Light Brackets.
  • Raisbeck Gear Door Mods (if applicable)
  • Brake Deice Manifolds with plumbing (if applicable)


available upon request

  • Shimmy Damper
  • Down Indicator and Squat Switches. (Pre-Rigged)
  • Landing Light Wire Harness
  • Overhauled Wheels with tires and Brakes with plumbing

Support from our installation staff is only a phone call away.

Bill Backs

Upon inspection of your core landing gear components, there may be additional charges for discrepancies that are beyond the scope of a normal overhaul. Due to the many variations, dynamics, complexity, age, and history of each landing gear system, until your exchange parts go through our inspection process, we can only estimate as to what you may expect in bill backs.

Failure to return all original hardware with core components can result in bill backs.

“Bill Backs” will occur upon finding missing, corroded, or cracked parts and parts worn beyond allowable limits. (Bushings, standard hardware excluded)

Rather than replace condemned parts with only factory-new, our staff subscribes to online inventory websites to find cost effective replacement parts and pass the savings to you.


"The treatment is so good that Trace is now my No #1 overhaul shop for King Air Landing Gear. Whether it is exchange or we are overhauling the gear in-house, your folks are as if they were in my hangar with me every step of the way. I really consider Trace a sister company with the same goals as we do." David Gardner, DOM, Circle Air Group